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Douglas Laing's Exceptional Single Casks - XOP Anniversary - Port Dundas 45 Year Old

XOP Anniversary - Port Dundas 45 Year Old

One of Douglas Laing's 75th Anniversary Single Cask releases, this 45 year old Single Cask is from the now-closed Port Dundas Grain Distillery in Glasgow.

As part of Douglas Laing's 75th Anniversary celebrations, they are launching 6 exceptionally rare, aged Single Casks. Each bottle will be cosseted within a Diamond shaped, embellished, luxury gift box.

Within the gift box will be a beautifully presented 700 mL bottle adorned with metal labels and a premium booklet / certificate hand-signed by Fred Laing and Cara Laing.

For this specialist offering, and to ensure the ultimate whisky drinking moment, we have partnered with glass artisan Richard Brendon who is renowned for classic, genuinely hand-crafted crystal glassware.


49.9 %


700 ml


Nose: Replete with early candy-floss / spun sugar plus later sticky date pudding and custard.

Palate: The fudge-laden palate brings a vanilla, cereal and mild tobacco style.

Finish: On the finish, the custard is now creamier, plus the gentlest of piquant sweet spices and honey.

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