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Spirit of Hven - Phecda Single Malt Whisky

Phecda Single Malt Whisky

This whisky is the third in the series “Seven Stars” from Spirit of Hven. It is a medium peated single malt whisky aged in Quercus Muehlenbergii from Missouri and Quercus Petraea from Allier. The American oak gives toffee and vanilla, and the French oak, liquorice and pepperiness.






Without water:

Nose:  Clear note of leather and salty liquorice, behind the first peppery note lingers a lovely scent of barbecue and open fireplace. When the scent buds have tuned in on the high strength the nose is filled with dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla. The scent is held together by sweetness reminiscent of old port wine.

Palate: Good balance between sweetness and bitterness. 

Finish: Medium long aftertaste with an oily note, balanced well midst tongue. A slightly peppery finish.

With a drop of water:

The smoky notes are toned down a bit and transcends to mocca and sweet liquorice, the sweet notes from the Missouri oak appears and lifts the vanilla character being balanced by a soft note of coconut and fresh malted barley. Thoughts go to a picnic on a wet summer meadow eating a dark bread roll with hazelnut cream.

The taste improves with a dash of water lifting the sweet notes and the oak vanilla. The French Petraea oak becomes more apparent and contributes with notes of dry aniseed, herbs and hints of pepperiness. The aftertaste is soft with notes of citrus and red berries. The finish is medium long with a gentle smokiness balanced by vanilla.

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