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Spirit of Hven - Organic Vodka

Organic Vodka

Only pure certified organic cereals are used in the production of Spirit of Hven organic vodka. The final distillation is carried out in the unique copper pot stills situated at the Spirit of Hven Distillery.

The vodka is matured in virgin barrels prior to the last pot distillation. This oak maturation contributes depth to the product, giving vanilla, peppers, liquorice and coconut.

The result is a natural organic vodka with the distinct mellow flavour and elegant mouth feel characteristic of the Hven stills.






This Vodka is best drunk on its own, over ice or with the addition of water alone, but it also works well as an ingredient to drinks and cocktails.

Nose: Hint of vanilla, dried grass and buttery 

Palate: Smooth with hints of cut hay and wheat, buttery mouth-coating with sweet tone

Finish:  Long, oily with sweet barley and a light black pepper notes

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