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Spirit of Hven - Organic Navy Strength Gin

Organic Navy Strength Gin

The grain base spirit is mashed in from a recipe with Wheat, Barley and Rye, fermented to 9,8vol% over 68H, and then distilled to 96 vol% in specially designed copper columns. The spirit is matured on oak casks for a minimum of two years prior to maceration with Junipers, Coriander, Cardamoms, Cassia bark as well as Orange and lemon peels about 24 hours.

After maceration the spirit is carefully redistilled in our specially designed still with lavender, chamomile and elderflowers in the botanical baskets. The ready crystal-clear distillate is then let to rest until oxygen and pH levels stabilize.






The scent is pure with clear notes of junipers and citrus, light aroma of vanilla is built up by a spicy liquorice note. The strong alcohol is balanced well by a scent of herbs and coriander.

The taste is powerful but at the same time very smooth. The liquorice notes balance the acidity and the sweetness from the oak maturation leaves the balancing point mid-tongue.

As the Gin is neither carbon- or chill filtered there are a lot of sent- and taste material along oils and texture carriers to create a full and wonderful mouthfeel with long aftertaste without sharp edges or bitter notes. Gin as it should be.

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