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Spirit of Hven - Organic Gin

Organic Gin

Spirit of Hven organic gin is a true handcrafted distilled gin produced from fresh botanicals which are infused for 24 hours with the finest quality organic grain (wheat) spirit. Following infusion, distillation is carried out in the unique Hven copper pot stills. The special design incorporating both helmets, baskets and columns promote the development of a fabulos organic distilled gin.






The gin holds clear citric notes, still smooth distinct tone of Mauritian Bourbon Vanilla and Cassia bark. Fresh Swedish junipers give a round character, well balanced with Cardamom and Calamus root. Sichuan pepper, Aniseed and Guinea pepper gives structure and edge.

This gin has a surprisingly long smooth aftertaste with gentle touch of Liquorice and cut hay.

Spirit of Hven Organic Distilled Gin can be served on ice with lemon and tonic or even drunk with the addition of water alone.

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