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Spirit of Hven - Merak Single Malt Whisky

Merak Single Malt Whisky

This Whisky is the second release in the “Seven Stars” series from Spirit of Hven. It has distinct but smooth smokiness, which in combination with liquorice and leather notes gives a rich mouth feel.

Maturation involves American, French, and Spanish oak, the American contributes toffee and vanilla, the French provides liquorice and peppery notes, Spanish oak keep the others in balance giving herbs and dried fruit. In all only 25 casks was blended together to create this smooth Single Malt.






Without water:

Nose:  Liquorice and leather, herbal spice and a lingering peat. There is a clear scent of smoke intertwined with fresh orange blossoms and rose petals all combined with a light sea breeze of salty ocean. Behind the light peppery scent a clear note of vanilla and chocolate develops. 

Palate: Fresh with an herbal pepperiness. The whisky shows maturity and oak character although with a youthful freshness combined with fudge and vanilla in the end. Thought goes to a light Cohiba with fresh citric notes and aniseed. 

Finish: Medium long aftertaste with oily finish, balanced well on the middle of the tongue.

With a drop of water, the scent goes from salty liquorice over to sweet liquorice. Scent of Cabernet Sauvignon wine comes thru from the cask maturation and the dark chocolate, almond aromas lift the smoke and peat. The orange blossoms combine with the leathery notes to create a cuveé of scents that lifts the smooth enticing character. The taste is soft and gentle with a bite of youthful freshness that reminds of elderflowers and smoke combined with fudge vanilla. The aftertaste is lingering with clear smoke and hints of tar. It is oily, fresh and very smooth.

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