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M&H - Arts & Crafts Belgian Ale Single Malt Whisky

Arts & Crafts Belgian Ale Single Malt Whisky

This single malt whisky has been fully matured in 3 ex-beer casks from the Jem's Brewery, one of the major craft breweries in Israel and the first to introduce the concept of a brewpub to the local market. These casks, originally ex-bourbon casks granted to Jem's by M&H, were in-turn used for the maturation of the the Jem's 8.8 – a strong Belgian ale style beer – which is characterized by fruity aromas, notes of caramel and pleasant bitterness. After 4-6 months, the beer was extracted and the casks returned to M&H, re-filled and matured to perfection for 3 years.






Nose: Heavy - Nutmeg sharpness. Cinnamon and clove warmth, covered by citrus bitter and white raisins.

Palate: Full - Generously sugared apple pie. Gentle white pepper and warm spices atop licorice root.

Finish: Medium to short - Fresh peppermint, licorice candy, coriander seeds and soft milk chocolate.

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