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Spirit of Hven - Alioth Single Malt Whisky

Alioth Single Malt Whisky

This whisky is the fifth in the Spirit of Hven “Seven Stars” series. It is a moderately peated single malt whisky.

The recipe for Alioth is 8% Chocolate malt, 48% Peated malt and 44% Lager malt. The distillate has matured on 10,8% French Petraea, 25,6% French Robur and 63,6% American Muehlenbergii. The whisky has had a finish on 500L marrying casks made of Spanish Quercus Robur. These have previously held a unique dry Oloroso Sherry, providing a dry nutty, almond character together with notes of raisins; new cut fruit wood and citrus all in an enticing harmony. The Oloroso gives typical “flor” character.






Without water:

Nose:  A distant bonfire, some seaweed curled up on the beach and sweet raisin notes from the honey marinated pipe tobacco. There are clear chocolate notes together with a dry citric, jelly bean scent.

Palate: The taste is strong and balanced mid-tongue. Very dry palate, from the fresh oak and mature Oloroso. 

Finish: No residual sweetness, still no harsh tannins and bitter notes.

With a drop of water:

The sweet notes of chocolate and dry plums develops and intertwine with mellow apricot notes. Light smoky character backed up by marshmallow root and new polished wood. Slowly fermented tobacco leaves in the background blends well with a hint of roasted coffee and cold molasses.

The taste is very smooth despite high phenol. Balance is mid-tongue with a slight elevated acidity, perfect to pair with a good cigar. The aftertaste is medium-long.

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