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G301 Tasting Glass

  • Description

    Inspired by the classic Grappa wine glass. This sexy drinking vessel lends itself to light, sweet, fruity and floral alcohols. Its eye-catching and fluid shape comes from a meticulous glass blowing process. The tall slender hand-painted stem in Amber accentuates the shape of the bowl leading to the flowing lines to the mouth. Beautiful to look at and versatile in its application. Whisky, Bourbon, Sake, Grappa, Liqueur, Sipping Tequila or wherever your imagination takes you. 

    • Mouth-blown, lead-free crystal drinking vessel 
    • Sexy and modern design
    • Hand-painted stem in Amber
    • Versatile 
    • Elegant matte-black satin box 
    • Safe and secure packaging 
    • Ideal purchase for yourself or for anyone who appreciates fine possessions 


    Artisan made each is truly 1 of a kind 


    Package quantity: 1 drinking vessel 


    Elevate Your Whisky Experience 

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