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G200 Whisky Glass

  • Description

    G200 Whisky Glass was inspired by the classic Port wine glass. The exceptional bowl shape is suitable for light, fruity and floral whiskies. The tapered bowl facilitates nosing of subtle floral notes and intensifies the tasting experience. The slender stem and solid base ensure a perfect grip. Supplied with an “inside” cover which prevents evaporation and preserves the aroma. The set is complemented by an attractive, modern case. 

    • Hand-blown lead-free crystal whisky glass with "inside" cover
    • Increases aromatic notes
    • Special designed packaging guarantees  100% safety during shipping
    • Elegant matte black satin box


    Artisan made each is truly 1 of a kind 


    Package quantity: 1 drinking vessel 


    Elevate Your Whisky Experience 

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