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G101 Whisky Glass

  • Description

    A tulip-shaped, hand-crafted drinking vessel with a hand-painted stem and base to emulate the color of whisky. The color of the base seamlessly merges with the whisky inside the vessel. Elegantly designed with a tapered mouth to concentrate aromas ensuring the maximum nosing and tasting experience. Its delicate and fluid shape comes from a meticulous glass blowing process. Coupled with a hand-crafted matching “outside” cover which prevents evaporation and preserves the aroma. A perfect choice for all “water of life” aficionados.


    • Mouth-blown, lead-free crystal drinking vessel and cover
    • Fluid shape increases aromatic notes
    • Hand-painted stem and base to emulate the color of whisky
    • "Inside cover" prevents evaporation and preserves aromas 
    • Elegant satin box 
    • Safe and secure packaging 
    • Ideal gift for any whisky collector, aficionado or consumer  


    • Capacity: 3.4 oz

    • Height: 5.375 inches (tolerance +/- 2 ÷ 3%) (without lid)

    • Width: 2.25 inches (tolerance +/- 2 ÷ 3%)


    Artisan made each is truly 1 of a kind 


    Package quantity: 1 drinking vessel 


    Elevate Your Whisky Experience 

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